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WORLD STROKE DAY CAMPAIGN: the need for awareness

The World Stroke Organization declares the month of October as World Stroke Month and the 29th 0f October as World Stroke Day annually.

The World Stroke Campaign works to raise awareness of stroke prevention, treatment and support. World Stroke Day yearly provides a focal point for the campaign, bringing together members, partners and stroke survivors to speak with one voice for Stroke across the world.

This year’s World stroke Day (WSD) 2019 Campaign focus is on “PREVENTION”

Theme:  Don’t Be The One……to have a stroke

When you think about Stroke, think prevention: Stroke is not caused by witch craft, not evil attack or arrow from gods. It is good knowledge to know that; “Stroke is a Medical Emergency”.  It is a brain attack, which results from damage to the brain from interruption of its blood supply. The brain cells die without oxygen –rich blood.  Stroke requires a prompt medical diagnosis and treatment. When stroke occurs, act FAST. Stroke is preventable, Stroke is treatable.  When it comes to stroke, prevention is better, and preventing the Risk factors of Stroke, is a more effective approach, hence Risk factor assessment is a major activity for this year’s World Stroke Day campaign.

1 in 4 people will now have a stroke in their lifetime. An increase from 1 in 6 last year.

health development initiative, florence mbogu, world stroke day

 This year if we do not PREVENT STROKE:

  • 14.5 million people will have a stroke
  • 5.5million will die as a result
  • 80million people have survived stroke worldwide.

Many Stroke Survivors face significant challenges that include physical disability, communication difficulties, changes in how they think and feel, loss of work, income and social networks. It is also worrisome that the level of awareness of stroke is low especially in low income countries of Africa where incidence of stroke is high.  Families and communities are still in the habit of taking their family member or relation that had a stroke to Traditional healers or prayer house because of their ignorance and misconception about stroke. The time delay before going to the appropriate hospital where stroke is better managed affects the prognosis / treatment outcome.

 The World Stroke Organization has carefully chosen the theme and focus of this year’s campaign on Prevention. Raising awareness on stroke and consciousness on (doing, or action towards)- prevention and control of Stroke Risk factors is key to winning the war against stroke.  Life After Stroke Centre, Aba, an arm of Health Development Initiative, a Non-governmental organization has taken up the challenge of raising awareness on Stroke during the 2019 Stroke month to demonstrate her determination to strengthen stroke services and enhance Stroke awareness in this month of stroke.

Life after stroke Centre ( LASC) of Health Development Initiative Aba, Abia State, collaborating with  life after stroke Centre of Onitsha lead by Rita Melifonwu, CEO of Stroke Action Nigeria and Her team of Stroke Ambassadors across some states in Nigeria are rolling out Campaign events/activities to increase awareness on stroke prevention and rehabilitation in Nigeria.   Health Development Initiative and her life After Stroke Centre, Kicked- off her Maiden World Stroke Campaign Event on Thursday 24th October, 2019 at Abayi Boys Secondary School for Teachers and students. The activities of the day included; Walk & Run against stroke, educating the public on World Stroke Day basic facts on Stroke:- Stroke prevention awareness, Stroke Risk factor assessment, lecture on prevention and management of stroke, and lifestyle goal and self- management advise. At the Abayi Boys secondary school, the whole school community and environs benefited from the campaign and appreciated the Life After stroke Centre/ HDI Aba, team on the laudable Campaign against Stroke.

Health Development Initiative (HDI), Aba is not relenting in her effort in this campaign, as her next campaign will be on Sunday 27th October 2019.  Venue is Christ Church World Bank Auditorium, Aba. The main event of HDI, Aba will be on World Stroke Day proper, the 29th Oct, 2019. Venue:  Owerri Road Primary school hall & field, Aba Owerri Road, Aba for the school community and the environs. Here is stroke helpline: 08037904721, to contact for more information on stroke and the 2019 World Stroke Day Campaign in Aba- Abia State.

Florence Mbogu,

Stroke Ambassadors Team leader,

Stroke Action Nigeria.

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