Health Development Initiative


About HDi

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HEALTH DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE (HDI) is a non- government, non-profit making and non-political organization. It is a private initiative focused on health and community development problems affecting people and premised on attaining improvement in quality of human social and health conditions in challenging environment world-wide.

The INITIATIVE was established in 2011, borne out of passion to mitigate the generally declining health of people in rural and urban communities. This is as a result of economic squeeze world-wide on the one hand and on the other, arising from gender inequality, ignorance and poor implementation of health care policies by establishments and health agencies.

It is our determination to support existing social and health related policies of government and communities through education, counseling, guidance strengthening of existing health system structures and implementation from quality health care procedures and programs.

HEALTH DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE has a five member board of trustees whose responsibilities are in the area of formulating policy and directing the organization. Members of the board are drawn from various fields of expertise with competencies in health policy advocacy, administration, pure research design, formulation and implementation, quality assurance (international standard processes), stress management and project administration.

Our Vision

Is working to impact on social and health needs of individuals and communities through professional health management support, education, development and implementation of quality affordable health programs.

Mission Statement

Is to design and implement health care support programs to compliment and strengthen existing Primary health Care services in communities.

HDI programs focuses on some of these areas but not limited to these areas:

  • Strengthening effective monitoring, evaluation and feedback mechanism to improve quality service delivery and utilization.
  • Promoting innovative partnership building strategies and linkages in giving access to health services to the less privileged individuals, and improving proper referral to access quality services and networking to build synergy.
  • Carrying out pure research in health care issues and dissemination of results for health benefits.
  • Establishing data base structure for quick activity tracking in ward health system in primary health care system.
  • Advocacy for health policy change and improvement of health status.
  • Empowering the vulnerable through access to health care service education and development.
  • Gender inequality and sensitivity and rights, reproductive health.
  • Community development and empowerment programs.
  • Community outreach programs, and Campaigns
  • Capacity building programs.
  • Support Group/ Patient Navigation Services for Cancer survivors.
  • Support/Rehabilitation services for Stroke Survivors, Carers, and family members and preventive clinical services for Risk Factors of NCDs at the LIFE AFTER STROKE CENTER, (LASC).

Aims & Objectives

Our Aims and objectives are:

  1. To promote access to health facilities, and services, for people especially the less privileged and disadvantaged in communities.
  2. To promote health awareness of preventive diseases, wholesome living and (adaptive lifestyle modifications) adopting key house whole practices in reducing morbidity and mortality in rural and urban communities.
  3. To advocate for health related policy improvement, and partnership in health development.
  4. To strengthen primary health care services, and utilization in rural and urban communities.
  5. To contribute to health development through research and ethical initiatives.