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Natural Things to do to Reduce or Delay Health Issues

To God be the glory. There are many natural things we need to do to reduce or delay some health issues: Friends, hope you find this useful:

1)Deep Breathing Exercise

2) Physical activity, being active. Be it walking, dancing, family dance, jogging, cycling, sporting, weightlifting etc

3) Drinking enough water- hydration to flush out toxins, waste products.

4) Rest, good sleep, relaxation, meditation, and do something that is meaningful and give you satisfaction. Occupy your mind meaningfully, and your hands fruitfully.

5) Eating a balanced diet more of fruits and vegetables, nuts, mushrooms- locally available, for proper nourishment.

6) Living a stress -free life as much as possible. Stress upsets the system and causes many undiagnosable conditions.

7)Being happy, friendly, loving like Christ, touching other people’s lives for Christ, has divine attraction.

8) Study your body, know what is good and not good for your body, and be in charge of your health. You will do 80% of what you need for yourself, all others; children, relatives, medical team, friends etc , will all together only DO, 20% for you.

9) Go for a regular medical check-up, for early detection of illness and better management and prognosis- outcome.

10) Be close to your God, have faith, serve and Obey God in your daily life. God promised in Psalm 91 v 16, that he will satisfy you with long life and show you His salvation.

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